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Our new division

ATT’s electrical division was established in June 2015. Initially, the ATT electrical division is focusing on the Auckland market, with the operations expected to expand in 2016.

Chris Hilson, ATT's Sales and Market Development Manager believes ATT is offering an exceptional electrical package, supported by the predominantly positive feedback from the market. The electrical businesses approached by Chris like the risk-free approach of a managed apprenticeship, coupled with the personalised ATT service. 

There is a strong point of difference between ATT’s offerings and alternative options for training apprentices. Businesses appreciate that ATT apprentices are a member of their team, despite legally being an ATT employee. ATT apprentices are placed within a host business, with the intention of staying there for the duration of the apprenticeship - except for scope of work reasons. This will be carefully managed by the ATT team.  

On the recruitment side of the business, we have received a fantastic response. It is clear there is a huge demand for electrical apprenticeship opportunities. We have a great range of candidates, varying in skills, experience, age and education. 

ATT’s first electrical apprentice, Sam Thomason, was placed with Maximum Power Ltd in June. Sam is enjoying the variety of his work and the challenge his new career has presented. Maximum Power Ltd is a Hibiscus Coast based business, owned by Bevan Morton-Jones. Bevan is a strong supporter of training and managed apprenticeships. 

Chris is now focusing on making new contacts in the sector and finding placements for our pool of top-quality candidates.