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Dux Scholarship Terms & Conditions

The Dux Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis, to ATT's highest performing first year apprentice, having completed (or about to complete) their first year within that year. The Dux Scholarship is available for ATT plumbing, plumbing & gasfitting, and plumbing & drainlaying apprentices. Drainlaying and roofing apprentices are not eligible. 

The Dux Scholarship pays for the second, third and fourth year apprenticeship training fees. In the case that the successful apprentice is already part way through their second year, any second year fees will be refunded to them upon the completion of their apprenticeship. 

Each year, ATT hosts with eligible apprentices will be sent an email, giving them the opportunity to nominate their deserving apprentice(s). Using a combination of host and Area Manager feedback, as well as face-to-face interviews for the finalists, ATT and Dux will select the most deserving apprentice to receive the Dux Scholarship. Apprentices are rated on punctuality, reliability, commitment, attitude, motivation, technical competence, communication skills and leadership qualities.

To recognise the contribution that quality host businesses make to industry, the Dux Scholarship contains a host portion. The host business for the successful apprentice will receive $2,500 worth of Dux products, each year for the three years. In total this equates to $7,500 of Dux products (this is at normal merchant pricing and is arranged via the host's preferred merchant. If the apprentice decides not to complete their apprenticeship, the host portion will stop. 

For hosts with multiple ATT apprentices, the host may only have one scholarship in progress at one time. They will become eligible to nominate a new apprentice, once the previous Dux scholar has completed their apprenticeship. 

To cover the cost of the Dux Scholarship, Dux will donate proceeds from trap category sales.