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Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, systems and equipment. Electrical projects can take place on industrial sites, large commercial construction sites as well as residential households. As a hands-on trade, electrical apprentices require sound problem solving skills and a good understanding of maths and physics. 

The electrical industry is continuously growing and diversifying, due to the many opportunities that technology is driving. Additionally, the Christchurch rebuild and Auckland construction boom mean employment prospects for electricians are likely to remain strong.  

An ATT electrical apprenticeship involves 3-4 years (depending on prior experience and qualifications) of on-the-job work experience with your host business, as well as regular block, day or night courses. On completion of the required unit standards you will achieve a New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering.   

For more information about becoming an electrician and what you can expect to earn once qualified, click here.


Sam Thomason

MAximum Power


Sam Thomason, ATT’s first electrical apprentice, started his apprenticeship with Maximum Power Ltd in July. Sam’s work life as an electrical apprentice changes day to day. “Every day I am doing different work, whether I am completing a prewire on a new house, or a rewire on an existing one.”

Although Sam is relatively new to ATT, he’s sure about his recent career choice. He says there are many positives for an electrical apprenticeship, including the prospect of good pay once he gains his National Certificate. “Being a sparky makes you think for yourself and allows you to take pride in your work.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a sparky, I just never knew how to go about doing it. I’m glad ATT gave me the opportunity to go for it.”