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Our Apprentices

Meet some of our apprentices and see what they have to say about their apprenticeships with ATT and their day to day work.

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Beth Pike

"ATT have been really helpful with keeping myself and my host up to date with all my block course and correspondence, there are always there for me when I need them."


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Ciaran McCulloch

"It isn't just about toilets!  No day is the same and being able to go from very little knowledge on a task or job to having responsibility of looking after jobs is immensely satisfying.  A Plumbing apprenticeship is hard work but it is all worth it and I wouldn't want to be anything else. "

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Tom Winchester

"I went travelling and expected to be placed a month after I came back.  However the ATT team did an excellent job of placing me almost immediately straight after I came back."


Cassidy Brookland

“My main motivation was travel and this is a trade I can travel with. University is great, but it is full-on and you do not earn as you study, however an Apprenticeship allows me to do both. Nothing was too hard, too heavy and I felt like it was something I could do and it didn’t feel overwhelming in any way”

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Jacob Caskey

"My Area Manager is always looking out for me which helps in terms of a solid support network.  Also getting all my block courses organised for me was really good because it just makes everything much more effiecient."

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Mohammed Zaheer

“Doing my apprenticeship through ATT helped me focus more on my on job experiences as they handle all my off job requirements.  It makes everything hassle free and so much easier to cope with an apprenticeship” 

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Jaycob walker

"I become interested in Plumbing after talking to tradesmen.  The daily variety of work and everyday being different is the biggest driver to become a plumber.  One of the most rewarding things is when you learn something new and nail it the next time you come across that problem."


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Amil Naran

"It's awesome to have an Area Manager mentoring me with my apprenticeship.  Just good to have someone that's easy to approach when you need some advice."



Geordie Brown

"With ATT you have job security - if things don't work out you will get placed into another host business.  My Area Manager provides full focus on me - allowing my boss to be more focused on the job and helping me to grow."

Quinn Wallwork.JPG

Quinn Wallwork

"It's really good to have everything I need organised and ready to go.  I can fully focus on my job and not have to worry about getting things like PPE organised."