ATT on TradeMe 0800 187 878

The Process


To start the process, candidates can apply for an ATT apprenticeship via our online application form

They will answer some questions and submit a basic CV.



Candidates will be contacted by one of our team.
Successful candidates will be invited to meet with one of our recruitment team or an Area Manager.



Successful candidates will progress to the reference check stage.


The final stage is securing a suitable placement in a Host Business.
Candidate will be required to attend an interview with a potential Host Business.


Apply Online with ATT

The employment process begins once a placement is confirmed. A drug & alcohol test (we have zero
tolerance in the workplace) and a criminal background check will be completed.

Payment of the ATT fee is requied prior to employment.

Interview Preparation

Please use the interview as an opportunity to ask questions about the apprenticeship position, as well as show commitment. Remember, this is your chance to make a good first impression, so try and sell yourself. 

Interview Tips

1.    Dress smart – please wear clean and conservative clothing and ensure hair and facial hair is tidy. 
2.    Be positive, smile and show enthusiasm. 
3.    Body language – be open and expressive, sit up and speak clearly.
4.    Please arrive 5 minutes early for your interview.
5.    Ensure your mobile phone is switched off or on silent mode.
6.    Preparation – make sure you have done your research about ATT and your chosen trade.
7.    Practice! Think of example answers for the questions below. 
8.    Ask lots of questions – now is the time to fix any uncertainties. 

The Interview

•    Why do you want this opportunity? We want to know what has motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship. 
•    Why are you the right person? We want you to think about abilities, experiences and character traits that are unique to you. What transferable skills do you have to offer? What have you achieved in work, sports, hobbies... that you are proud of?
•    Are you motivated to complete the apprenticeship? To take you on as an apprentice, we need to know that you are in it for the long-haul. Think about a challenge you have faced and how you overcame it. 

The Test

As part of ATT’s recruitment process, you will complete a basic numeracy, literacy and mechanical reasoning test. For examples of the questions you should expect click here