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Certificationship is an opportunity to further your qualification at the completion point of your plumbing, plumbing & gasfitting, plumbing & drainlaying or drainlaying apprenticeship. Certificationship takes you from a licensed tradesperson to being certified, meaning you can own a business and train apprentices.

Becoming a certified tradesperson takes an extra two years on top of the apprenticeship. However, certificationship is the highest form of qualification in the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying sector. 

Ethan De Jong



Ethan De Jong has recently completed his ATT certificationship, hosted by FB Hall & Co. Ethan enjoys the variety that a career in plumbing brings. "We don't get stuck in a workshop or office and we get to do different types of work most days". 

After gaining his ATT apprenticeship, Ethan was encouraged to complete his certificationship through ATT. "My host business said it would benefit myself and him, so I went into it."  Ethan believes ATT's certificationship option has pushed him to sit his certifying exams - something he may not have done without ATT. 

6 years on and Ethan's journey with ATT is complete. "ATT has made sure I'm continually learning and sent me on different courses to get more qualifications".