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What is involved in the ATT recruitment process? 

Every ATT apprentice will undergo our comprehensive recruitment process. This involves:

  • Two or more formal interviews
  • Numeracy, literacy and mechanical reasoning testing
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal background check
  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing

Additionally, ATT apprentices are required to have at least a restricted drivers licence. We will only take on apprentices that have a good attitude and are committed to completing the apprenticeship. 

What are the costs involved with an ATT apprenticeship?

As ATT employs the apprentice directly, we take care of all payments, such as ACC, Kiwisaver, wages whilst on block course, holiday pay and sick leave. Additionally, ATT covers the Skills Organisation’s employer contribution, while the apprentice pays the training fees.

As an ATT host business, you only pay for the hours worked by your apprentice – invoiced on a weekly basis. Please contact your Area Manager for a breakdown of charge-out rates in your trade. 

How long does an ATT apprenticeship take?

Depending on the trade, the length of an ATT apprenticeship differs. However, it usually takes two to four years to complete. 

  • Plumbing & Gasfitting, Plumbing & Drainlaying and Plumbing apprenticeships are structured over four years (or 8000 hours of practical work experience). 
  • Drainlaying apprenticeships take two years to complete (or 4000 hours). 
  • Electrical apprenticeships take three to four years to complete (or 6000-8000 hours), depending on prior experience and qualifications. 

What are the advantages of being an ATT host?

ATT simplifies the process of training an apprentice, so you can focus on growing your business. We provide top-quality candidates into the sector, as well as offering a full administration, HR and management package. As ATT directly employs the apprentice, this mitigates risk for our host businesses. Click here to find out more about the ATT model. 

How long does it take to get an apprentice on board?

ATT has top-quality candidates ready to start their apprenticeship. However, if we do not have a suitable candidate for your business, we can recruit on your behalf. ATT has a proven recruitment process to follow to ensure we only select high-calibre candidates. We always work towards the needs of our host businesses where possible.  

What if I find my own candidate?

Whether you have found a candidate or ATT has recruited for you, every candidate will be required to complete the same recruitment process.

What if I take on an ATT apprentice and it doesn’t work out?

As business can be unpredictable at times, ATT provides a transfer option with 3 weeks notice. Depending on the situation, ATT will seek to place the apprentice with a new host business and provide remedial action where required.