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Plumbing & Drainlaying


A plumbing and drainlaying apprenticeship is a NZQA Level 4 qualification, structured over four years (8000 hours) of on-the-job learning within your business.  

Through a designated training provider, the apprentice will attend 12-14 week-long block courses (three or four times a year), as well as night classes when applicable. The induction block course covers the health and safety units – fall arrest, confined space hazards and workplace first aid.

The drainlaying component commences 16 months into the apprenticeship, with bookwork being completed through The Open Polytechnic. There are 2 stages of drainlaying theory, with a 3-day practical course after each. By completing the required unit standards and practical experience, the apprentice will achieve the National Certificates in Plumbing and Drainlaying Level 4

A plumbing apprenticeship is also available on its own. This takes four years (8000 hours) and is the same cost to the apprentice as a dual qualification. 

Chris Sumich

Sumich Plumbing

"At Sumich plumbing we are committed to the training of the next generation of highly skilled apprentices for the plumbing trades. Finding the right people is paramount to the success rate of our apprentices. This is where ATT excel with their screening processes, ensuring that each candidate offered has a greater chance of delivering the attitude and commitment that we require for a successful outcome. ATT handle all aspects of the apprenticeships within their ongoing management ensuring that our apprentices stay on track and complete on time. I would highly recommend ATT when looking to hire and manage your apprentice through to a successful completion."